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Video Production

Our service is split into three basic areas:

Video Production is where all the hard work happens.

Sure . . . taking your phone out of your pocket, shooting a video, and posting it online is relatively easy.  But, what about doing it over and over again . . . three times a week . . . every week . . . month after month . . . and getting business back from it?  You might be able to get it done – but it takes a LOT of work.

Are your videos consistently branded?
Do your topics relate to your customers?
What will you talk about tomorrow, next week, next month?
What schedule should you follow?
What happens when you don’t have the time?
Can you pre-plan, pre-record, and schedule your videos to release on specific days and times?


Here are some of the things we do in the Production area of our Video Marketing service.

Create Schedule

We’ll create a release schedule for your videos so people know when to expect the next video.  This will be partly based on the best days & times to properly reach your target audience.

Create Strategy

We’ll analyze your business, products, and services.  We’ll analyze your audience.  From those areas, we’ll create a strategy to reach and engage your audience for mutual benefit.

Create Intro

We’ll create a great-looking video intro to brand your business and your show.  This will appear toward the beginning of all of your videos to let your viewers know what they’re about to see.

Create Outro

We’ll create an eye-catching video outro that will appear at the end of all your videos.  This will most often be a logo animation and will leave your viewers with one last reminder about your brand.


Write Scripts

Based on the strategy we formulate for your business, we’ll write video scripts that will be the content of your videos.  This is what your spokesperson and your blog articles (in Distribution) will say.

Shoot Videos

We’ll shoot your videos with one of our professional spokespeople (that you choose).  They’ll perform the scripts we write in front of a white screen in a studio with professional cameras, lights, and sound.

Edit Videos

We’ll edit your videos to include your logo, intro, and outro.  Where appropriate, we will include text, image, and other video overlays along with your spokesperson to enhance the message of your videos.

Produce Videos

We’ll finalize each video.  This includes final checks to ensure your scripts are correct, spokesperson performances are flawless, and all editing additions properly enhance your videos.

When everything passes quality control, we’re ready to move on to Distribution!

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