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Video Advertising

Our service is split into three basic areas:

Video Advertising is where we find your audience.

I’m sure you’ve boosted a few posts on Facebook, but what did it get you?  Some Likes and Comments.  We have a very specific strategy for this type of Facebook advertising, developed over years of testing and analyzing with our own growing shows.  Following a strategy with follow-up in mind, testing, analyzing, improving, and building audiences will get you results – the Likes and Comments are just fluff.

Video Advertising

Here are some of the things we do in the Advertising area of our Video Marketing service.

Follow Schedule

We’ll follow the schedule we created during your Production stage.  Your ads will be scheduled in advance in order follow the strict ad schedule.

Follow Strategy

We’ll follow the strategy we created during your Production stage.  Your ads will be targeted according to the goals we’re trying to achieve for your business.

Ad Budget

Every video we produce and distribute for you will have an advertising budget associated with it designed to maximize results and minimize ad fatigue.


Facebook Pixels

We will use Facebook pixel tracking on your Facebook page, videos, and your website so we can build audiences of engaged viewers.  This is CRUCIAL.

Build Audiences

With Facebook pixel tracking, we will build audiences of people who engage with your Facebook page, watch your videos, and visit your website.  THIS is your target audience!

Call to Action

Each video will have a call to action.  During the advertising stage, we’ll include a button on your video post that allows us to build audiences of engaged viewers.


We’ll put your videos in front of the people most likely to benefit from them – the same people your business needs.  We’ll also target your audience of engaged viewers.


We’ll continue to analyze your results so we can improve on them.  More viewers + more engagement + more traffic + larger audiences = more sales for you.

We keep Producing, Distributing, and Advertising your videos to bring you better results!

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