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How it Works

You’re thinking about asking us to create a video series for you, but how does it work?  What do you need to do?  The simple version is this:  you choose a spokesperson from our selection, pay for the level of service you want, meet with Ken (over the phone) to discuss the plan, then sit back and watch the magic!

Of course, it’s more complicated than that – on our end – and that’s explained below.

Creating an ongoing video series for your business is one of the smartest moves you’ll ever make.  It’s called video content marketing – and we’ve been doing it for years.  Video is a powerful medium, and it dominates the Internet.  It is a daunting task to create a video series, keep it running, and make it pay off – and that’s why we’ve created this service.  Besides some initial steps you need to take, we do all of the work for you.  Below is a detailed account of how it works.

How it Works

Step 1

Choose Spokesperson

Review our spokesperson demo videos.  Look and listen for the person you think would best represent your company.  This is the person who will appear in all of your videos – they will be YOUR paid spokesperson.  Take your time with this first step, and watch the videos as many times as you need before you make your decision.  Click the button below to view our spokesperson demo videos in a new tab.

Step 2

Choose Level of Service

Once you’re comfortable with your choice of spokesperson, you need to choose a level of service.  We can create a weekly video series (1 video per week) or a tri-weekly video series (3 videos per week).  For most product and service-based businesses, the tri-weekly video series is usually best.  For most manufacturing (or similar) businesses – and many organizations – a weekly video series is the better fit.  Think about the amount of information you can share with your customers, and if you have questions, you can always schedule a call with Ken.  Click the button below to view our service levels in a new tab.

Step 3

Pay for Service

You have your chosen spokesperson and you’ve decided on the level of service that suits you best.  Now, it’s time to get things started!  That all starts with your payment.  The service is automatically charged monthly, and your first month’s payment essentially becomes your setup fee.  During your first month, we will be busy setting up the access we need, creating your schedule, formulating your strategy, creating your branding assets, writing your content, and filming your first episodes – this is all explained below.

Step 4

Initial Interview

Ken will conduct an initial interview with you to determine the steps we take in formulating your strategy.  We do more than create TONS of really great videos – we create them with a strategy in mind.  This is an important step because we need to make these videos pay off for you.  Click the button below to open Ken’s calendar in a new tab so you can schedule a call with him on a day/time that works for you.

Step 5

Account Access

In order to distribute your video series across your digital presence, we’ll need access to a few things.  If you don’t have these assets, we can create them for you.  At minimum, we need to post your videos to YouTube and Facebook.  If your website is built in WordPress, this is perfect – if not, it must have built-in blog capabilities so we can post your blog articles and embed your videos in them.  If you want us to share your videos across other social accounts, we’ll also need the proper access to those.

  • YouTube Channel Login
  • Facebook Business Page Admin Page Role
  • Website Administrative Login (must have built-in blog capabilities)
  • Other Social Media Account Access (as necessary)

We Do The Rest!

Once we’ve cleared up the previous steps, we do the rest!  The following steps explain the basic actions we’ll take to produce, distribute, and promote your video series.

Step 6

Create a Release Schedule

Your videos will be released on a pre-determined schedule.  Depending on the level of service you chose in Step 2 above, we’ll research the best days and the best times during the week to post your videos.  This schedule will be set in advance so you and your customers know when the next video will be released.

Step 7

Create a Strategy

Ken will create a strategy based on his initial interview with you in Step 4 above.  This strategy will determine the type of content we develop for you, the message we convey on your behalf, who we’re targeting, and what we’re trying to accomplish with your videos.  This strategy will influence every action we take as we move forward with your video series.

Step 8

Create Intro Clips

Intro clips are basically video title screens.  We’ll create an intro clip that will become the template for all of your basic content videos moving forward.  The clip will be short, branded for your business, and appropriate to your show.  This is where we Insert YOUR Catchy Title!  Most of your videos will begin with a short introduction by your spokesperson, interrupted by your intro clip that includes the title of your video, followed by your video content.

Step 9

Create Outro Clips

You have an intro – now you need an outro.  These will be flashy animated logo designs.  We’ll give you our Ken Collins Marketing Animated Logo Design service.  This service puts your logo into 50 professional animation clips.  You can have these clips to use where you like, we’ll have you choose your favorite, and we’ll end all of your videos with that animation – featuring your logo.  If you’re interested in this included service, click the button below to open the service page in a new tab.

Step 10

Create Facebook Pixel

We find that most business owners have not already created a Facebook pixel.  We will create an ad account for your Facebook page in our Facebook Business Manager, and create a pixel for your business.  This code will need to be placed into the code of your website so we can track responsiveness of your videos and relate that traffic to your videos.

Step 11

Create Custom Facebook Audiences

With your Facebook pixel created, we will create several custom audiences in the ad account we create for you.  These audiences will begin to populate things such as visitors to your website or certain areas of your website, interaction with your Facebook page, and people who view a significant portion of your videos.

We Do This For Every Video

Once we have all the preliminary work out of the way, we can focus in on creating your videos.  The following steps explain the basic actions we’ll take to produce, distribute, and promote each video.

Step 12

Research Content

We will pour through your content in any form you have it – brochures, pamphlets, website, social media, etc.  Then, we will thoroughly research your products, services, and industry.  We will research pain points for your target market and identify your solutions to those pain points.

Step 13

Write Scripts

With all the preliminary work completed, it’s time to get down to creating videos!  We will write scripts for your chosen spokesperson to perform on camera.  Parts of the scripts will be used for your social media posts, and the entire script will be the base of blog articles, with your videos embedded, posted on your website.

Step 14

Shoot Videos

Your chosen spokesperson will perform your video scripts on camera.  Our spokespeople are very talented, and will represent your brand in the best possible way.

Step 15

Edit Videos

We’ll take your spokesperson videos and place them into your video “template” so that every video has a recognizable look and feel.  This will include a short clip from your spokesperson to introduce the video, your intro clip, the bulk of the remaining spokesperson video with your logo overlay, and your outro.  We’ll also produce your cover photos to be used on Facebook and YouTube.

Step 16

Produce Videos

We’ll finalize the editing and render your final video files.  Once these are finalized, we’ll send them through a quality control check to ensure everything looks perfect.


With the Production work completed, it’s time to distribute your videos.  The following steps explain how we distribute each video.

Step 17

Schedule to YouTube & Facebook

We’ll use the schedule created in Step 6 above to release your video content.  Every video will be uploaded to YouTube and Facebook separately and scheduled to post at the correct date and time.  The post content and cover photo to accompany the video will be set at this time.  Video titles, descriptions and tags will be optimized from your script at the time we write the script.  Because these are uploaded natively to YouTube and Facebook for scheduled release, you will have the ability to view them before they are posted.

Step 18

Schedule to Blog

We’ll use the schedule created in Step 6 above to release your video content.  Every video will become a blog article on your website.  The scripts created in Step 13 above become the written content of your blog article, and the accompanying video will be embedded from YouTube into your blog article.  Because these are pre-scheduled, you will have the ability to view them before they are posted.

Step 19

Schedule to Other Social Media

We’ll use the schedule created in Step 6 above to release your video content.  If you’ve given us access to your other social media channels, we will add them to our social media management tool and schedule your YouTube video to be posted on these channels.  We can give you a login to review this schedule in our social media management tool.


With the production and distribution work completed, it’s time to promote your videos.  The following steps explain how we promote each video.

Step 20

Create Facebook Ads

All of the paid promotion of your video series will be on Facebook.  These ads will be created in the ad account we create for you in our Facebook Business Manager.  Your videos will post live on your Facebook page and remain unpromoted for a portion of the day to determine initial organic reach.  Your ads will be scheduled to start later in the day and run for a period of time ranging from one day to one week – depending on the level of service you purchase in Step 3 above.  We will:

  • Target the audience most appropriate to your video
  • Add a call-to-action button to your video linked to an appropriate asset of yours that’s related to the video (usually somewhere on your website)
  • When the custom audiences we create for you in Step 11 above become large enough, some of your targeting may be redirected to those audiences.

Step 21

Analyze the Results

Analysis of your results never stops.  We will analyze the response to your videos, the response to your ads, the targeting for your ads, the traffic to your website – everything.  This constant analysis allows us to make adjustments to your video series and the promotion of it to get you better results the longer your series runs.

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