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Service Levels

Below, you’ll find the pricing for each level of service with a comparison chart below that.  Take your time to look through these service levels. The TITLE Package provides 3 videos every week for 1 monthly charge, and is the most economical solution per video.  Our TITLE Package provides the most benefit, but it might not be the best fit for every business. The SUB-TITLE Package provides 1 video every week for 1 monthly charge.  The production, distribution, and promotion is the same as the TITLE Package. The DIY Package is for people who have an idea of their own, and want somebody to provide them with a professional video.  You create your own content, we shoot, edit, and produce your video – you do the rest.

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Confused about what all this means?  Click the button below to see how it all works.  We’ll show you step by step how you sign up for the service, what you’ll need to do, and all the things we’ll do for you for our TITLE and SUB-TITLE packages.  The DIY Package works a little differently.

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